The Emogame Classic Games / 2002-2004

From the creator...15 years later.

I made the first emogame in 2002 when both me and the internet were very young and immature. Obviously, a lot of the cartoon sex humor does not pass today's smell test of appropriateness. I apologize for everything terrible in these games in that regard.

I also want to apologize for all the mean-spirited stuff written in these games about some pretty nice people, especially Chris Carrabba, Brett Detar, and New Found Glory. At the time, we were living in a "" era in which everyone including myself was trying to prove how cool we were by hating certain bands. Let me make it clear, I was 100% listening to all these bands at the time and loving them. Give me a karaoke microphone to this day and watch me pogo as I gleefully belt out "Hit or Miss" by NFG. Back then, these people loomed so large to me that I couldn't imagine my words might be hurtful.

Today, playing this game is as painful and cringe-inducing to me as reading my high school poetry. I think a lot of us who were emo in the early 2000's can reflect on how ridiculously overly-serious all of us were at the time. I'm not sure what we were trying to prove...that girls were "evil" for breaking our hearts and not dating us...or perhaps that our supposed superior taste in music made up for the fact we were often complete bummers to hang out with. Mostly, I think it was just being young, dumb, and insecure. In time, we all grow up and are able to admit to ourselves that things aren't that bad and that The Starting Line is actually pretty awesome.

Finally, the last thing I want to say is that all these years later, that second album by the Anniversary is still soooooooooo disappointing ;)


Here is a short playlist of my favorite lesser-known emo jams from the past 15 years.